EBOS Online : Finding Products

How do I find a product? 
There are a number of methods you can use to find a product.

Quick Search
You can search using a full or partial product code, and by product description. Enter the product you wish to search for - eg Non Woven Swab, or 26611 , and click Go. A list of refined results will be displayed.

Advanced Search
Here you can search within a product category and further refine your search using exclusions. Choose to include a product category and then determine search field by limiting search to either – All Product Info, Product Code, Product Description, Supplier Code or, if applicable, My Product Code. When you are happy with your search criteria, click Search. A list of refined results will be displayed. 
Browse by Category
Browse by Category using the alphabetical menu or product categories listed on the page. Once you have selected a Category, further refine your search by choosing one of the returned product groups within that category. A list of products meeting the criteria will be displayed.
Browse by Brand
Browse by Brand displays our Premium Agencies by their logo and name. You can choose a Brand by clicking on the logo. A list of products meeting the criteria will be displayed.
Search Tips 
Our database has been established using a set Nomenclature. 
Please use the type of product as your first search term. 
Eg – when looking for a glass beaker, type Beaker Glass. 
Add a size to the search to further refine your results. 
Alternatively, use the Product Category selector to search the Beakers category and then use the Beaker Product Groups to further refine your results.