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In-Check Nasal Inspiratory (with medium mask)

Product Code : 27769317

Supplier Part : 3109751
Brand : Clement Clarke
Category : Anaesthesia and Respiratory > Incentive Spirometers & Peak Flow > Peak Flows

Unit : Each

The In-Check Nasal is a portable hand-held inspiratory flow meter that provides an assessment of nasal passage obstruction. The In-Check Nasal uses a simple measurement of how quickly the air can move through the nose when inhaling forcefully. The In-Check Nasal allows easy monitoring, on a daily basis, by the patient whereever they are, this provides an accurate assessment of nasal congestion and response to treatment.

The In-Check Nasal is:

  • Portable
  • Light-weight
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to read for results
  • Available with small, medium and large masks

The In-Check Nasal works when a patient inhales through the nose causing air to be drawn through the meter, a cursor moves along the scale to indicate the speed of inhalation. The flow rate achieved can be noted by checking the position of the cursor against the calibrated scale.

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